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To avert the danger of this frantic pattern, you should practice a sport every day. Running, wind surfing, walking, biking and swimming are excellent because you can let off steam and relax your muscles. Yoga and meditation also do wonders for the tense Tiger spirit and body. You should only eat meat twice a week and stay away from carbonated soft drinks and canned foods.

Fresh fruit and whole grains encourage your sluggish intestine to perform more regularly and should be eaten either half an hour before meals, three hours after a meal or just before going to bed. The Chinese say that Tigers are given to sick headache, tic douloureux, fever, allergy and because of your highly charged emotions convulsions, sometimes even epilepsy. All are nerve-related disorders and stem from over-stimulation. If you wake up tired even after a good night's sleep, you should acknowledge your limitations. If you are smart, you will cultivate the art of spending a whole day in bed once a month.

Your bedside table should be equipped with all the unread books and papers you've been wanting to catch up on.

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You should keep a ready supply of unfinished projects around the bedroom so that your day of rest will not seem unfruitful you hate sloth. A well-occupied, cozy day of recess will set you back on all fours, ready once more to attack another month or so of chronic overdoing. Although you frequently prefer the city, you should often get away to the country. Nature calms you down. Country people are gentler than city folk and the tone of rural life won't twang at your exposed nerves. Also, country air and outdoor physical chores will offer an outlet for your excess energy.

Most of all, you must see your doctor often. Of course, suggesting that you do this is about as effective as telling a housefly to turn into a and fly to Africa. Doctors irritate you because you think they are mostly overpaid pill pushers. You admire only those who care for the poor or the suffering hungry masses. You may even believe that people who go to doctors are nothing but hypochondriacs or sissies.

Get over it! And get on with seeing doctors or other healers as often as you know you should. You are a stubbornly excessive daredevil, you undertake too much at once, you don't want any interference, and you hate efforts at maintenance. Symptoms often go ignored. You don't want to appear weak because you feel that you haven't got time to be ill. At first meeting you two charm the pants off each other. The Rat finds you fetching and would love to show you off, while you are amused by the Rat's vigorous chatter and lively sense of humor. But there is bound to be friction in the long run.

After the first spark of love, you two will find fault with each other. You, the rambunctious, adventurous Tiger, will forever be seeking excitement. The Rat, being more domestic, will come to hate the sight of suitcases. You stalk instability, and are tempted by danger and the prospect of having a new job every year. Everything is challenging to you. The Rat will not always find your inconsistencies appealing and will be plagued by worry. The Rat's mental stability depends greatly on material security and, with you always job-hopping, the Rat will fret over money. To endure, both must remember the initial reasons which drew you together.

It's likely to be called SEX. You have moreover lots to talk about and agree on many matters.

If the Rat can recall how you roared attractively into his or her life, and if you can continue to appreciate the Rat's powers of seduction, there is hope for an exciting, long-lived marriage. Tiger with Ox. No matter how you slice it, this combo is in for a rocky ride. Both of you possess an iron will, backed by the power to exert it.

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Equally self-possessed and determined, you and the obstinate Ox are better known as rivals than accomplices. Frankly, this quarrelsome duo is best off entangled at the center of a boxing ring. Often you jump start the Ox's tranquil day by stirring up trouble. The stoical Ox wants only to stay close to home and work and plod on. He or she becomes exhausted trying to be patient with you. You are just too effervescent. You want to roar off to a trade union demonstration or some other exciting event. You complain about the Ox being too humdrum.

The Ox, meanwhile, bullies you, accusing you of everything from incurable restlessness to insanity. If round three takes place under the covers, there is hope for reconciliation. Your raw sensuality thaws the Ox's glacial resistance. The inhibited Ox feels free with you.

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Twenty-four-hour truces may result. Even so, the union is best-suited for friendship or business partnership where dual iron wills can effect real progress. It is not romantically promising. Tiger with Tiger. Two Tigers? Burnout alert!

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  7. Tigers believe fervently in love at first sight and may pounce on each other with gusto. Yes, a Tiger tandem is full of instant enthusiasms, quick fix plans, and clever strategies. But there is a basic problem. While both Tigers are out changing the world, who's watching the store?

    There will be candlelight dinners, vibrant, witty foreplay, banter and excitement. With groans, sighs, crackings of zippers, and tearing of clothes, you twin tigers are so turned on that you may never make it to the bed. You consume each other. Afterwards, you'll sip champagne and pore over the world's fate.

    Your torrid embraces then become passionate arguments. Forever in combat, a Tiger duet is but messily content. Come morning, you two Tigers return to your respective lairs, freshen up and dash off to work. No time lost, and no extra romantic palaver to cloud the clear purpose of a busy day. You are inveterate meddlers, always shoving your paws in where you ought to abstain. Two Tigers will contradict and wrongly advise each other all over the place, leaving no other alternative but to swim around in boiling water for the rest of your lives. Perhaps you should forego marriage.

    A love affair will be played out in fast-forward mode and promises to be ultra dynamic. But this marriage is unlikely to be either peaceful, long-lasting or productive. And should you go through with wedlock, God help the Tiger cubs. The insecurity! The ever-changing domiciles and decors.

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    A style clash. The two of you might very possibly enter into a so-called "marriage of convenience," but underneath roils a mute tension that screams, "Get me outta here! What then? You live for change and victory. Get the picture? No common ground. Trying to outwit each other, you felines stealthily compete for the household throne. You go at it with typical self-serving vengeance.